We are at 1CE working hard to make your Google Chrome easier, better and safer.

Google Chrome is an awesome browser, but it missing many good features. Google decided that they will provide a minimal browser, and the users will be able to easily customize it by adding extensions to it.

All of the extensions that you here, are open-sources, are safe to use. By using open-source software you can be sure that you data is safe.

Most of the extensions today, make the browser experience to be sloooow. The revenue model is to sell users data or to mine crypto-coins using users CPU. We are different.

We follow Wikipedia, Google Chrome, and Bitcoin, and made all our code open-source. Every user is able to review the code and to check it's safety. All our extension are very light, and never works in the background. Memory usage is low. Our revenue model is based on donations. You can donate by using PayPal, or Bitcoin.

We have one mission in mind: Save time to our users. That's why we called it 1Click Extensions. For example, the extension  1Click Save Screenshot let the user create a PNG image file in one click.

Our extensions have been downloaded by more than 250,000 users (25% Million), and counting!

How can I help?
If you enjoy the extensions, you can consider a small donation. Every dollar will help us to put more resources on the development. visit: https://www.patreon.com/1ce

Latest Updates:

  • 18 Jun 2018: 1Click Screenshot- v30. In this release we fixed the translations, and fixes the capture region. Now you can capture region of the screen, and in one click, share, save or print the screenshot.
  • 17 Jun 2018: 1Click Screenshot- v29. We added the button to Donate in the editor, and started to work on a place to manage your uploaded screenshots.
  • 16 Jun 2018: 1Click Paintbrush- First release. You can create, edit and save image files
  • 16 Jun 2018: 1Click History with thumbnails- First release. You can browse your browser history using screen shots

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