1Click Random Facebook Friend

Get random facebook friend when opening new tab

Sorry we don't have a video yet. We doing our best to record videos for all the extensions.

You can install the extension, and try it yourself. Installing extension is an easy step.

We want to speed up the process of creating videos
Please donate us, and we will be able to put more efforts in the 1CE project.
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Extensions by 1CE.
All extensions are 100% free to use. Open-source.
1Click Share Webcam Picture
Create picture from webcam and share it in one click
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1Click Bitcoin Balance
Get bitcoin balance in one click
1Click 25 minutes notification
Pop notification each 25 minutes
1Click is site down
Check if url is down for everone or just to you
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1Click History with thumbnails
Watch your history with thumbnails of the page you visited
1Click edit image
Edit image from your computer
1Click Pick Color
Pick color of any part in page
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1Click Webpage Screenshot
Entire page Screenshot. Save, Edit, Annotate, Print, and Share!
1Click Edit page
Give user ability to edit all text in page in one click
1Click World Clock
Check current or another time at any timezone
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1Click About Us
Find about us link in any site by one click
1Click Calculator
Use calculator in one click
1Click edit web image
Edit image from website
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1Click Webcam to Gif
get gif file from your webcam
1Click Session Saver
Save your current tabs to open them later
1Click Webcam to Picture
Get image file from your webcam
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1Click Pause History
Pause your history recording in one click
1Click Resize Window
Resize browser's window to mobile, desktion or custom sizes
1Click short link
Get short link in one click
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1Click Share Screenshot
The fastest way to share screenshots
1Click Merge Windows
Merge all opened windows to tabs of one window
1Click Resize to half
Resize your window in one click
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1Click Emoji Everywhere
Use emojies everywhere on web
1Click clipboard history
Histoy of copied texts
1Click Random Facebook Friend
Get random facebook friend when opening new tab
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1Click Save Screenshot
The fastest way to save screenshots as PNG files
1Click selfy meme
Create meme of you using webcam in one click
1Click Ethereum Address Balance
Get ethereum balance of address
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